About Me

I’m an experienced technical leader and skilled distributed systems engineer with over 20 years experience, 15 of which have been in Site Reliability Engineering at Google. I specialise in building and operating large software systems at high reliability while also achieving development velocity, performance and an efficient resource usage and cost base.

I have strong communication skills and a keen ability to translate business needs into precise technical solutions.

Career Profile

I started building technology solutions for local businesses and global clients while still in high school, and continued developing my skills while studying for a BCMS from Waikato University.

After graduating in 2004, I joined a start-up ISP that grew out of work associated with my honours project and helped develop and deploy wireless networks across a range of rural communities.

From 2007 - 2022 I worked as an SRE at Google across a wide range of teams, systems and countries, gaining significant technical experience, leadership expertise and exposure to the biggest and best distributed systems on the planet.

Vision, Mission and Strategy

My vision:

Software systems contribute direct and meaningful impact to solving real problems in our world.

My mission:

To lead the development and operation of software systems that deliver new opportunities for individuals, businesses and communities to solve the real problems in their community.

My strategy:

Build a sustainable business that provides a home and infrastructure to support a continuous cycle of development, validation and growth of software systems fulfilling the mission and vision above.

See my January 2023 Vision, Mission and Strategy post for more explanation of these statements and what motivates me.