PGP Key Signature Record for key 01DC5336

Signature made on Thu Jun 02 02:04:40 GMT 2005 by 59B2D9A0

The uids highlighted in green below were signed by my key (59B2D9A0) with the following extra details available here.

Signature Type: 0x13
Signature Reason: I have known Daniel for several years through my studies at The University of Waikato and also the Waikato Linux Users Group. I also verified his identity via his NZ Drivers License.

pub   1024D/01DC5336 2002-08-12
Key fingerprint = 7DD6 59E9 6F53 2758 5D48  520A CE06 8E11 01DC 5336
uid                  Daniel Lawson <>
uid                  Daniel Lawson (WAND) <>
uid                  Daniel Lawson (Cuchulain) <>
uid                  Daniel Lawson (University) <>
uid                  Daniel Lawson (University Address) <>
sub   4096g/39C9A6B4 2002-08-12