PGP Key Signature Record for key 7F19FECA

Signature made on Thu Jun 25 23:34:58 GMT 2009 by 59B2D9A0

The uids highlighted in green below were signed by my key (59B2D9A0) with the following extra details available here.

Signature Type: 0x12
Signature Reason: Identity verified via government issued photo ID at LCA2006 keysigning party in Dunedin, NZ.

pub   1024D/7F19FECA 2005-03-23 [expires: 2010-03-22]
Key fingerprint = 0505 C679 45CA 1F4D DFDC  BE22 E91B 80E2 7F19 FECA
uid                  Mark Ellem <>
sub   2048g/4C40B90C 2005-03-23 [expires: 2010-03-22]