PGP Key Signature Record for key B28C5995

Signature made on Thu Jun 25 23:24:07 GMT 2009 by 59B2D9A0

The uids highlighted in green below were signed by my key (59B2D9A0) with the following extra details available here.

Signature Type: 0x12
Signature Reason: I met Brendan at LCA2006 in Dunedin, NZ and verified his identity via Government issued ID.

pub   1024D/B28C5995 2001-06-19
Key fingerprint = 87EA 44D1 50D8 9615 E39A  3FEE F0DC 8E00 B28C 5995
uid                  Brendan O'Dea <>
sub   1024g/09908349 2001-06-19