PGP Key Signature Record for key D911460A

Signature made on Thu Mar 24 05:09:12 GMT 2005 by 59B2D9A0

The uids highlighted in green below were signed by my key (59B2D9A0) with the following extra details available here.

Signature Type: 0x12
Signature Reason: I met Andreas while he and I were students at the WAND Network Research Group at Waikato University. I sighted his Swedish drivers license at NZNOG'05.

pub   1024D/D911460A 2003-11-22
Key fingerprint = 49D2 CBE0 EED2 988B E0C9  1599 4816 4B0D D911 460A
uid                  Andreas Lööw <>
uid                  Andreas Lööw <>
sub   2048g/704A2EDE 2003-11-22