Dublin Bound!

Written on 06 March 2007, 3 min read.

I’ve accepted a job with Google and we’re shifting to Dublin!

Back in January, Kat and I decided that it was about time we put thoughts into action, and booked some one-way plane tickets to get ourselves to Europe. Our plan is to spend at least a couple of years (more if I have my way) exploring the other side of the world and generally broadening our horizons.

We leave NZ on the 31st of March flying on Emirates to Singapore. We plan to spend a couple of weeks in Malaysia visiting some of Kat’s extended family (who I’ve never met), followed by 3 nights in Singapore, a night in Dubai, finally ending up in London at Heathrow Airport on the 17th of April.

Soon after we booked the flights I started applying for Jobs in Europe, as the prospect of converting NZD to EUR or GBP to live on is not at all attractive. I was immediately rejected by the first place I applied to (Data Connection) because I didn’t have straight A-grades in high school! (The recruiter said they didn’t even bother to look at my University Degree!). Luckily that wasn’t the only job that I had applied for!

A day or two after hearing back from Data Connection, I received a call from one of the Google recruiters in Dublin, following up on the CV that I’d sent through via their website a week or two earlier. The rest, as they say, is history. I had a couple of phone interviews, followed by a whistle stop trip to Dublin (photos here) for 4 hours of onsite interviews, a week or two of waiting and finally an offer.

I’ve just accepted the offer, and sometime after the 17th of April, I’ll be starting as a Linux/Unix Systems Administrator for Google in Dublin, Ireland! Moving to Dublin to work for Google seems to be somewhat of a trend these days, and I’m looking forward to catching up with all the other Debian people who have recently posted similar news.

The realities of shifting across the world in less than a month are starting to sink in now! We left our apartment this weekend just gone, and we’re staying with my parents for a few weeks while we get all our household stuff into storage and sort out what we’re taking to Dublin with us. It’s a big job packing up a house and it’s scary looking at the amount of stuff we’ve accumulated over just two short years! Luckily we have some exciting opportunities to look forward and keep us motivated!

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