Written on 14 January 2023, 2 min read.


After nearly 7 years of dormancy, I’m rebooting this website and have a goal to write regularly on a variety of topics going forward. More on that and my goals in a coming post…

For now, this is just a placeholder note to help double-check that everything on the new site is working as expected and the letters are flowing through the “pipes” in the right places.

Technical Details

I’ve migrated the site from Wordpress, to a fully static configuration using Hugo and TailwindCSS for help with styling.

For now hosting is still on a Linode VM in Fremont, CA, but my plan is to move to a more specialized static hosting service with better CDN reach in the very near future.

If you want to inspect the innards further, it’s all at

Still on the TODO list

  • Improve the hosting situation as noted above.
  • Integrate Bert Hubert’s nice audience minutes analytics script.
  • Write up (or find) LinkedIn/Twitter/Mastodon integration scripts to automatically post updates when a new piece of writing appears on the site, to build/notify followers and improve the social reach. Ideally, the script would then also update the page here with links to the thread(s), so that readers can easily join/follow any resulting conversation on the platform of their choice. I’m not planning to add any direct comment or feedback functinoality on the site itself.
  • Add a newsletter/subscription option for folks who don’t use RSS and would prefer updates via email rather than a social feed.